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Code of Conduct

The Bird Comedy Theater is located at 103 19th St KCMO.

Mission Statement

The Bird Comedy Theater looks to provide the Crossroads Arts District with diverse professional comedy shows, featuring improv, sketch, stand-up and more! Beyond performance, we look to enrich the area with educational opportunities in the various forms of comedy seen on our stage.

Enrollment and Participation

In order to enroll and participate in classes at The Bird Comedy Theater all students must fulfill the following criteria.


  • Must be 18 or older. 17 turning 18 before the next calendar year will be allowed with a guardian signature 

  • Must agree to arrive on time

  • Must agree to miss no more than two classes.

  • Must meet any prerequisites if required.

  • Must agree and  adhere to the code of conduct (issued below)

  • Present a signed copy of this form. (physical copies will be made available at the students first Class.)



Not all classes will be graded on a pass/fail grading system,  though certain classes will be graded and some classes will  require prerequisite classes or experience to take. Grading will be based on the students' participation and attempt to grow. Certain classes will take performance quality into consideration.


Thursday Night Jams

Students will be expected to attend 2 Thursday night Jams at The Bird Comedy Theater and watch one mainstage show before their performance date. 



Each class will culminate with a performance at The Bird Comedy Theater. Not all performances will be mandatory to pass and  progress to other classes.


Substitutes / Cancellations

Due to unforeseen events certain classes could be cancelled and or rescheduled. In some cases a substitute teacher will be used in service of teaching the class. Make up classes are built in but due to extenuating circumstances rescheduling may be required.


 Improv will require movement and physicality. The Bird Comedy Theater  will not be held responsible for any injury during participation. 


All students are encouraged to arrive at class on time. Arriving late can result in disrupting class as well as missing valuable information to help with your comedy. Special allowances can be made but students if able are expected to arrive on time. Too many late arrivals or any major disruption may be counted as absence. 



You are allotted two absences. - If a student is absent from more than two classes they will no longer be allowed to perform.  Performances may be required to pass certain classes. 


 Alcohol & Drugs

Any disruptive or offensive behavior discovered to be the direct result of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated. Any student to be found under the influence of drugs and alcohol will be asked to safely leave.


Students and teachers are not allowed to be romantically involved in any way.  Teachers are not allowed to teach any person they are romantically  involved with in any way. Students are not allowed to take classes under teachers they are romantically involved with in any way.



Any racist,sexist, homophobic or other harmful or negative actions or verbage will not be tolerated. Should the issue persist or if an action is deemed offensive enough the student will be asked to leave and not return. No refund will be given.



The content of the class should be mostly pg 13. Should a student persist with using overtly vulgar language or explicit content in their scenes they will be asked to leave and not return. No refund will be given.

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