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Hilari Holt

Actor, Teacher, Producer

Hilari Holt has been in the KCMO improv scene since 2016 and has performed under companies such as ComedyCity ('16-'20) and the Kansas City Improv Company ('18-'19), along with various indie teams like U People (seen in KC Improv Festival, KCMO & Compass Festival, STL), Oh Schitz, Holt My Beer! (KC Improv Festival, KCMO) and her own duo "The Hil & I" to name a mere few. She has been an instructor at Improv Shop - KC as well as Tribe University and now The Bird Comedy Theater.

Hilari's style of play is fearlessly playful & silly.

Hilari is a co-producer/host of the monthly themed improv + stand-up show As You Wish Comedy, as well as various independent shows around town, and she has her own show "The Hil & I: A Variety Show of Duos" with us the 2nd Friday of each month.

Hilari Holt
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