Michael Lee


Michael Lee is a silly young scamp. At only age 27, he has accomplished a lot. He has eaten an entire block of cheese in one sitting, he has successfully learned how to say the alphabet backwards and most importantly he has a lot of friends that he really likes.

Michael started his improv career on Kansas State University's troupe, On the Spot. With On the Spot, Michael learned the fundamentals of improv and attended the National College Improv Tournament for two consecutive years. He did no win, but it was fun.

After college, Michael joined forces with fellow "Spotties" in Kansas City to form Crusty Mustard Improv–an indie troupe that performs monthly long- and short-form improv. Hopefully someday this group will rise from the ashes and you will be able to enjoy them once again. Michael is a performing member at the KC Improv Company where he also serves as an instructor.

Michael joins the Bird Theater cast enthusiastic about the growth of the improv community and ready to pee his pants on stage for a laugh if he has to.

Michael Lee