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Sydney Ragsdale


Sydney Ragsdale has imposter syndrome. This is mostly likely due to the fact she is indeed an imposter. Sydney is an extraterrestrial humanoid from 18 Delphini B, which is a boring ass planet on the other side of the galaxy. Sydney decided to immigrate here to planet Earth for the entertainment. Namely the television, the movies, the talkies and the walkies. When she’s not spellbound watching these on a dazzling screen, she’s attempting to emulate what she’s seen on the screen with some of her Earthling comrades on a stage…and sometimes even on a screen…and sometimes even on a screen that’s on a stage. She’s been doing this kind of performing regularly since 2013. She is currently a proud member of the improv group That’s No Movie (specializing in the movie format) and of the sketch group Minnie Drivers Many Mini Drivers (specializing in wigs and mustaches).

((PS Brandon, feel free to just use the last two sentences of that ^ since obviously i struggle to take myself seriously in any way…because lol i have imposter syndrome))

Sydney Ragsdale
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