Have you ever wanted to perform comedy? GREAT! We have a stage, and we want to see you on it! 

With over 45 years of experience between our teaching staff, we’re confident that with a little time and effort, you will be able to get on stage and Succeed! 

Every class ends with a Live Performance, allowing students the opportunity to apply all that they've learned in a safe, professional comedic showcase setting!

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Improvisional theater  is theater without sound cues, direction or a script. This means it's done through the  Trust and Communication  of its players in the moment.

Sound scary? It's not! These skill can be taught, worked on and grown!

The Bird Comedy Theater Training Center strives to create a  Safe, Inclusive Environment  allowing students to push themselves and take the risks they need to grow.


Beyond the skills students will develop in service of performance, improv has proven time and again to be applicable in all aspects of life, teaching 

 Team-Building  Active Listening 

 &  Support 

All through the magic of  "Yes, and..." 

So what are you waiting for?

 Get Yourself On Stage! 


Drop-In Classes
Recommended for EVERYONE!

8 weeks too much or you're not We got you. Every Saturday at 1:00pm, we offer a one-time, no committment drop-in improv class! Focusing on games, skills and the foundations of improv, this class is open to EVERYONE, experience level be damned! Work on performance skills, public speaking, team work and most importantly SILLY SILLY FUN!

Foundations of Improv
Recommended for New Players

In this 8-week class, students will learn how to live in the moment, and build together towards a common goal! Whether this is your first improv class, or you're looking to shake off that pandemic rust, Foundations of Improv will teach the fundamentals that will be with your comedy every step of the way, whether you're on stage or in the board room! Learn improv games seen on the bird stage as well as different exercise to develop all the tools you need to be your best self!

Taught by Jill Gillespie


Long-form Improv
Recommended for Intermediate Players

In this 8-week class, students can begin or jump back into their long-form journey! Focusing on scene work, character choices and the magic of call-backs, students will learn how to take a single suggestion, and turn it into a 20 minute cohesive piece of improvised comedy!

Taught by Bobby McCosky


Long-form II
Completion of Long-Form Improv or Director Approval Required!

In this 8-week class, students will learn the art of long-form storytelling. With an emphasis on narrative story arcs, players will focus on interconnected scenes and sets resembling a play!

Taught by Jamie Campbell

Long-Form III

Completion of Long-Form II or Director Approval Required!

In this 8-week class, students will build upon the knowledge learned in Long Form II by exploring genre & trope to apply to scenes!

Musical Improv

Completion of Foundations Improv or Director Approval Required!

Building on foundational singing technique, this beginner-friendly 6 week class will teach you all the skills you need to grow confidence as a musical improviser by discovering your natural voice type. Prior improv experience is required, but absolute beginner singers are most welcome!