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Have you ever seen the outtakes of a movie, or watched that Whose Line show? That's improv, baby.

And we can show you how it's done!

Originally developed by theater professionals as an exercise to aid in the production of scripted work, some nerds decided Improv had its own merit. We tend to agree.

Beyond the skills students will develop in service of performance, improv has proven time and again to be applicable in all aspects of life, teaching team-building, active listening, and support. And fun. Lots of fun.

All through the magic of "Yes, and..."


Whether you're a master of The Harold or taking your first steps on your journey into improv, The Bird Comedy Theater has a class for you!

Our classes are 8 weeks long, and conclude with a performance at The Bird Comedy Theater!

8 weeks too much or you're not sure? We got you. Every Saturday at 1:30pm, we offer a one-time, no committment drop-in improv class! What are you waiting for? Get Yourself Onstage!

Foundations of Improv
Recommended for New Players
Next 8-Week Session Coming in April!

In this 8-week class, students will learn how to live in the moment, and build together towards a common goal! Whether this is your first improv class, or you're looking to shake off that pandemic rust, Foundations of Improv will teach the fundamentals that will be with your comedy every step of the way, whether you're on stage or in the board room! Learn improv games seen on the bird stage as well as different exercise to develop all the tools you need to be your best self!

Drop In

Drop-In Classes
Recommended for EVERYONE!

Focusing on games and the foundations of improv, this class is open to EVERYONE, experience level be damned! Work on performance skills, public speaking, team work and most importantly SILLY SILLY FUN!

Saturdays at 1:30pm

Short Form

Short-form Improv
Recommended for Intermediate Players

In this 8-week class, students will master the art of short form as they play a variety of short form improv games! Each class will feature a different game, meaning no two classes will be exactly the same! Hone your improv as well as presentation skills, team work and confidence building!

Long-form Improv
Recommended for Intermediate Players
Next 8-Week Session Coming in April!

In this 8-week class, students can begin or jump back into their long-form journey! Focusing on scene work, character choices and the magic of call-backs, students will learn how to take a single suggestion, and turn it into a 20 minute cohesive piece of improvised comedy!

Long Form
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