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Teacher Profile


Aberdeen, SD


I’ve been studying improv regularly since..2016-ish. I’m a graduate of KCIC Training Center and past KCIC cast member – I’ve been a member of a lot of indie groups over the years, most recently you may have seen me performing with Babies, Bookends, and/or the sketch team Minnie Driver’s Many Mini Drivers.

What you Teach

I’m currently teaching Foundations of Improv, mwhahaha!

Favorite Local Business

Am I supposed to say the Bird Comedy Theater? If so, that one. If not, I’d still say it! But I’d ALSO say you’d most likely see me eating Thai food at Lulu’s, Thai House or Waldo Thai, or getting a scone at Mud Pie Vegan Bakery, or eating everything breakfast at McLain’s or Eggtc. I…don’t buy much else these days.

Why you teach: When I learn a new skill that I get VERY excited about, I need to share it with EVERYONE! I love sharing my joy of stage movement and making stories and fun characters with as many people as possible. And in a classroom setting, there’s even more chances to play, mess up, and practice over and over again until each person finds the thing THEY love and want to share with the world.

Favorite Sonic Food

The breakfast burrito thing with the jalapeños. I just like breakfast food, as noted previously.

What has improv taught you

There’s only this moment right here, right now. Things get really hard if we try to force and control what will happen in the future. As part of a team, we are building this moment together, and trying to force it to be anything else (by not listening, or refusing a gift, or trying too hard to be funny rather than honest) makes telling these stories so much harder than it needs to be. It’s selfish, too. You can’t live by yourself in a future no one knows will happen. You have to be here, listening, and contributing right now. Be fully present in this moment, and the support and the story will come.

Favorite Monument

Do the shuttlecocks at the Nelson count?

Who’d win In a Fight Tom Hanks or Anderson Cooper

Tom Hanks. He survived living on an island with a beard and a ball with a face on it! He is also in movies.

Otter or a chipmunk

Alvin, Simon, Theodore! Doot, doot, do do do do do!

If you could sing one song and only one song well which one

Oh, me performing Lady Marmalade perfectly would be so silly!

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